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From: Jim Brown <jim@audiosystemsgroup.com>
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Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2011 12:40:46 -0800
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On 1/3/2011 11:27 AM, Michael Coslo wrote:

> If we approach our neighbors with the same attitude as these postings, it is 
> no wonder some of us have problems getting interference fixed. Perhaps 
> something different....
> I've maintained good relations with every neighbor I ever had. Most of them 
> were great, we did have one that was not the best person on earth, but I even 
> got along with him. Any people that move into the neighborhood, we meet with, 
> say hello, and yes, they know I'm a ham from the get go.

Michael makes excellent points, with which most of us would agree. 
HOWEVER -- not every neighborhood is the same, not every neighborhood is 
friendly, and not every neighborhood is "nice." Moreover, in today's 
world, many folks are cynical, wary and/or untrusting of others, 
especially anyone who might be different from their own view of 
"normal," and some folks just want to be left alone.

I've lived most of my life in cities -- Chicago, Cincinnati, and the one 
in WV where I grew up -- before moving to the Santa Cruz Mountains in CA 
six years ago.  Population density is fairly low here, so most of my 
neighbors are at least a city block away on roads that wander through 
the forest. I've met a few of them, but not many.  A few months ago, I 
met the guy who owns a house that adjoins my property to the east. He's 
off of a road that turns off of the main road about 3/4 mile from me. I 
was walking around (with a talkie and a GPS, looking for noise) and 
ended up in his front yard.  He was more than a bit skeptical when I 
told him I thought I was his neighbor based on my GPS. He warmed up a 
bit after we chatted for a few minutes, but made it clear that one 
reason he lived as remotely as he did is that he wanted to be left 
alone.   I can also tell you from extensive first hand experience that 
many folks living in cities want to be left alone. He also said he was 
installing a solar power rig. Hopefully I won't hear it. :)

My friend N6KJ is the guy with what he suspects is a pot farm killing 
his hamming. I haven't visited his QTH, I don't know his neighborhood or 
his neighbors, so like the rest of you, I can only speculate based on 
what he's posted about his problem, which has been ongoing for quite a 
while.  When the issue first arose, I suggested a stronger response on 
his part, with help from some of his ham friends reinforcing his 
presence.  He's chosen to reject that, probably out of fear of 
retaliation. I'm not walking in his shoes, so I'm in no position to 
judge. And those of us who have served in the military (I have not), or 
who have worked in businesses that do field service (I have, a lot), 
learned long ago to place considerable credence in "the man on the ground."

As to the "homeland security" comment -- it was posted ONCE and quoted 
by many who asked him for the SOURCE of the comment, and I haven't seen 
that response.

73, Jim K9YC
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