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[RFI] distance to rfi source?

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Subject: [RFI] distance to rfi source?
From: "Lee K7TJR" <k7tjr@msn.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 23:21:45 -0800
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  I dont necessarily agree with the 80 and 160 meter comment. 160 meters
can carry for miles on wires. With your numbers I would guess just outside 1/2 
from my experience. The higher the freq you hear it generally the closer it is. 
  You have bigger numbers on 30-40 Meters than 20-10M so I think the radius
 is about 1/2 mile or more away.
   If it was closer you would likely hear it better on 20-10M.
 Lee  K7TJR  OR 

his comment is what is worrying me
he said since the noise is louder on 160 than 10m
that showed the noise is closer to me
rather than farther away
(closer meaning within a block or so)

is that assumption correct?
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