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Subject: Re: [RFI] Nondescript Broadband Noise
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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 15:00:54 -0500
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It is very possible that it is coming from another house, but so far, his
meter entrance is the strongest signal level



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I suspect the problem is coming from a different house!

If you nailed the power to his property and it still shows up on the pole
and the ground wire, you are dealing with a signal that is being back fed
into the overheads and then radiating - from some other house!

At this frequency, I suspect you are pretty close to the actual source but
suggest that you follow the overheads for a ways and see what you find.
RFI radiating from the overheads will display a standing wave pattern -
I.e. As you walk along the line, the signal will go up and down in
strength.  Keep walking until you find the direction in which the signal
peaks get higher.

Once you find the offending house, I suspect the signal will be very
strong.  Rather than trying to deal with the home owner directly, approach
the RFI team at the local power company and ask for their intervention -
makes formuch more cooperation!

I've walked this road myself...

If you want some amusement, you can read my blog at:


This is a series I wrote while getting to the bottom of an RFI source that
killed my operation on 160 and 80.

Good luck with the hunt!
Stu K6TU

On 1/19/11 10:45 AM, "k4ar@arrl.net" <k4ar@arrl.net> wrote:

>>From about 100 - 130 degree heading, I have a nondescript noise level
>increase from less than S1 and peaking out about S5 - S6, that is driving
>nuts. It happens to be across a neighbor's house, and I seem to be able to
>hear the noise in my portable receiver.
>It is broadband, generally from 10-21 Mhz, peaking out about 18 Mhz.  I
>hear it distinctly with the portable (TH-F6 & 18 Mhz whip) placed near the
>meter entrance and ground of his house (mine is very quiet in
>**The noise is present even when all breakers and main are shut off (great
>neighbor).**  I can also hear the noise to a lesser extent next to the
>pole that services his house. Noise blanker has no effect.
>It is 24/7, constant signal level, rain or shine.
>The service meter is a smart unit by Landis + Gyr, "-855 type ALF Form 2S,
>CL200".  I have one just like it at my house, but is RF quiet.
>Has anyone experienced this kind of problem with these units?
>There are other possibilities down the neighborhood (which do need
>attention), but none really sound like this one.
>I have an audio recording if someone is able to give me some
>(I have no way to analyze).
>Any ideas ?
>Bert - K4AR
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