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[RFI] Power Lines & Snow

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Subject: [RFI] Power Lines & Snow
From: Jimk8mr@aol.com
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 21:09:16 EST
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I'm suffering through the ARRL VHF SS with lots of power line noise from  
various directions. We've having a light snow which always brings out the  
My question:  is such noise, which shows up with any snow, indicative  of 
an underlying problem with line hardware that is aggravated  by the  snow, or 
is it simply a combination of accumulated road salt and moisture, that  
will go away once things warm up and get washed off by rain? Or if either, 
which  might be more likely?
If the former, I assume it might be worth trying to trace it down and  
trying to get the power company to fix things. If the later, I assume it is not 
worth bothering them.
On a good note, it could have been worse for me. Last night while stopping  
at the intersection at the corner of my property, I noticed a street light 
where  none existed. It was actually arcing at a disconnect switch on the 
pole. I  called the power company, and by morning they had actually come out 
and  installed a temporary cable to bypass the bad switch. One less noise, 
but a lot  remain.
73   -   Jim  K8MR
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