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Re: [RFI] ottlights desklight RFI---FYI

To: svetanoff@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: [RFI] ottlights desklight RFI---FYI
From: myles landstein <myles.landstein@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 20:59:32 -0500
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I'll  try  and  answer your questions below,  with >>>
On Jan 29, 2011, at 5:41 PM, Dale Svetanoff wrote:

> Myles,
> Yes, those are very nice lamps, although I do not presently have any in my
> house.  (If I am not mistaken, Ottlights are those used by the appraisers
> on "Antiques Roadshow".  They have excellent color balance and uniformity
> of illumination.)  A few questions:
> >>> saw the show  never noticed those lights good trivia catch -- however not 
> >>> all are color balanced  some are  and there is  an option for balanced 
> >>> replacement bulbs,  i've  tried  both.
both work very nice (rfi not withstanding)  placed on the  corner of a desk 
they do  illuminate  the knobs  of even a large ham rig  really  nice

> 1.  Since it is a desk light, I presume it is plugged into the wall socket.
> Is it the same socket from which your rig draws power?
>no it is not the same socket not the same breaker  additionally most of my  
>equipment is somewhat isolated  by medical grade isolation transformers and 
>RFI filters.
> 2.  What is "walking away"?  Do you mean that you take and move the lamp
> further away from the rig?
>>I should have explained that  better,  when I noticed  the interference on my 
>>desk lamp  I  tried  my battery powered FT817d walked near the light   
>>interference was  strong  as  I moved away  it was less,    turning off the 
>>light =no interference I wanted to see  how  far/strong the interference was  
>>so typically I use my FT817 and or my portable  spectrum analyzer  to make 
>>simple tests.

> 3.  RFI coupling from an RFI source into the cabinet of a rig is somewhat
> rare (as mentioned on this reflector many times in the past).  So, is the
> lamp near an antenna or tuner used with the rig?  If so, what's the
> separation distance between the lamp and antenna or tuner?
>>>it has not been all that  rare  in my personal experience  however  I do 
>>>agree that overall all most of the time that would be  true
Yes   the lamp was on my desk  near  the  ham rig, no tuners  or other gear  
just my lamp and the rig  separation distance  was  within  2 feet  interf can 
be clearly heard  for  several feet if I put the lamp on the other side of my 
room  which would be about  18ft  away

Coax is  hardline  or  quad shielded cable  , my grounds  are  pretty  good.

hope this helps   a little  

> Thanks in advance for your answers.  This will help the rest of us get a
> handle on just what might be happening.  

>>anything I can do to help, just ask

> 73, Dale
>> [Original Message]
>> From: myles landstein <myles.landstein@gmail.com>
>> To: Rfi <rfi@contesting.com>
>> Date: 1/29/2011 3:37:57
>> Subject: [RFI] desklight RFI---FYI
>> Just got a  Ottlight desk lamp from Lowes,  throws out a lot of  rfi.
>> Noisy all over 1-50Mhz    a few bands   will be s9
>> Seems to taper off   as you walk away
>> Haven't had a chance  to make a full spectrum sweep yet with instruments,
> but the above was  observed  while the lamp was on my desk w/my rig, and I
> just quickly tuned around   1-50Mhz
>> They also make a floor standing model,   I have  not opened the box yet 
> , but will test  soon....
>> Very nice light  if you're NOT  a ham.
>> Going to Dayton '11  It will get better with 
>> more support!
>> Myles D   Landstein
>> N2EHG
>> myles.landstein@gmail.com
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