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Subject: Re: [RFI] RFI U-verse
From: Charles Coldwell <coldwell@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 05:55:46 -0500
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On Feb 27, 2011, at 6:31 PM, Martin Ewing wrote:

> AT&T's U-Verse service is based on VDSL2, which uses frequencies from around
> 100 kHz up to 8.4 MHz in carrier channels of about 4.3 kHz bandwidth.
> Typical phone lines at typical distances limit the maximum usable frequency
> because of excess attenuation.  My line, about 2100 ft from the U-Verse
> fiber node, won't carry channels above about 5.7 MHz. (More at
> http://aa6e.net/wiki/Uverse )

I have Verizon FiOS to my home, so they terminate an optical fiber in my 
basement on a big white box they call an ONT (Optical Network Terminal, 
essentially the telco demarc) from whence both CATV (QAM?) and WAN/Internet 
emerge on one 75-ohm coax cable.

By default(*), residential FiOS is configured with the WAN/Internet carried in 
a high frequency band on the same 75-ohm coax that carries the digital cable 
signal (QAM?) to the set-top box (they call this MoCA or "Multimedia over Coax 
Alliance" -- it vaguely reminds me of the old 10-Base-2 ethernet on 50-ohm 
coax).  The coax emerging from the ONT is divided by a 3dB splitter, with one 
leg going to the set-top box and the other to the home router (Actiontec 
MI424-WR).  The router NATs the Internet connection to provide a LAN on yet 
another frequency band on the coax as well as four standard twisted-pair 
ethernet jacks.

So the 75-ohm coax in my home carries two IP networks (LAN and WAN) as well as 
the CATV signals.  The STB is a host on the LAN, and both video on demand and 
the program guide are delivered to it over the IP network.  I also have a small 
MoCA-to-twisted-pair adapter near the television that lets me put my 
over-the-top box (Roku) on the wired network to avoid clogging the ISM bands 
with streaming video.

>From an RFI perspective, this arrangement seems very robust.  Obviously, the 
>signals coming into my home on optical fiber generate no RFI.  The ONT is well 
>grounded and shielded and quiet as a mouse on every band I've tested.  The 
>long runs from the ONT to the STB and router are in shielded coax; the only 
>unshielded runs are relatively short CAT5 twisted pair runs from the router to 
>a couple of computers in the same room.

Does anyone have the U-verse fiber-to-the-home service?  Is their architecture 
similar to Verizon FiOS?

73 de W1CMC

(*) Commercial installations usually use a standard twisted-pair ethernet jack 
located on the same ONT.  Residential installations can request to use the 
twisted-pair jack, but since the STB relies on IP/MoCA for video on demand and 
the program guide, those services will be lost.

Charles M. Coldwell, W1CMC
"Turn on, log in, tune out"
Belmont, Massachusetts, New England (FN42jj)

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