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Re: [RFI] The "new" light bulbs; it is accurate.

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Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 14:58:09 -0500
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The LED itself is rarely if every the problem, it is the cheap Chinese
electronic power supply paired with them.

The key is to try to figure out which brand uses decent electronics.

Another variable to consider is the quality of the local power grid.
If you are seeing a lot of surges and dips the electronics are more
likely to fail early than if your source is steady.

EPA regs have become more absurd over the years so that when applied
to CFLs the absurdity becomes more apparent.

> In theory LEDs are more efficient still, but our experience has not been
> good. The only ones we have bought have been "Lights of America" brand
> from Costco or Sam's Club; Sylvania LED bulbs are many times more
> expensive. The ones we had bought from Costco were recalled by Costco
> because it had been found that they did not live up to their longevity
> claims. One that I bought from Sam's quit altogether, but I could not
> find the receipt to return it. The others are still OK, but are the same
> wrt to RFI as the CFLs.
> If LED bulbs become cheaper and more common, will homes and businesses
> eventually be wired for a suitable low voltage?
> 73
> Alan NV8A


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