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[RFI] does anybody know about the TNL2

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Subject: [RFI] does anybody know about the TNL2
From: Jeffrey Otterson <otterson_nospam@nhrc.net>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 19:47:37 -0500
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Last fall, I bought an old International Nuclear Corp TNL2.

This is allegedly a power line interference direction finding tool.

It does appear to work, and I have used it to track some some RFI.

But I wish I knew more about it.  For instance, exactly how to use it.

Does anybody have any idea?

Pic:  http://www.n1kdo.com/tnl2.jpg

I can describe it thus:

A metal box about 6x10/2" atop a 3-foot plastic pole that contains 8
C-cells.  The box has a 10" loop on the top of it, and 4' arms that open out
to each side.  The box has a meter and a speaker on the front, and the sides
of the box have tune and volume/off controls.

Can anyone enlighten me?


Jeff, N1KDO
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