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[RFI] snap on toroid question

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Subject: [RFI] snap on toroid question
From: Sam Morgan <k5oai.sam@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 21:32:02 -0600
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I have found some snap on toroids I had lost, hi hi.

Thinking of putting them on some of my feedlines down in the shack
I have 5 different feed lines,
all of them have some slack (extra length)
some maybe 2-3 feet
and others so much that I have coiled the extra up (maybe 10' or more)

my question is
if I were to put these toroids on the feed lines down in the shack,
where should I place them ?
at a point as close as I can to where they enter the room from outside
or on the ends where they are attached to the coax switch?

I already have chokes at the antenna feed points,
but since all the antennas are of necessity,
physically close to each other,
(they all reside on the 2nd floor apartment building roof)
I thought perhaps adding these snap on toroids,
might be useful?

GB & 73
Sam Morgan
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