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Re: [RFI] Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combos?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combos?
From: K8RI <k8ri@rogerhalstead.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 16:52:53 -0400
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Thought I sent this long ago...well, yesterday

On 3/29/2011 10:54 PM, Gary K9GS wrote:
> Thank you for all of the replies.  I did some shopping today and looked
> at both the Microsoft and Logitech products.  The thing I didn't like
> about any of them was the size.  I currently have one of the Dell
> compact wired keyboards and one thing I really like is the small size.

Use a full size keyboard for a while and you learn to despise the small 
ones.  Then again it makes a difference if you know how to type, or use 
two fingers.  Touchtyping on the larger keyboards is quite easy.
> All of the wireless keyboards I looked at today were either the weird
> shaped curvy ones or had these goofy wrist rests.

Depends on what you mean by curvy and goofy wrist rests as there are 
many shapes, tilts, and sizes. I'm using the Logitech K350 keyboard 
which gives very long batter life and a mouse that is rechargeable via 
the USB port.  These have on and off switches so when not in use the 
battery life is extended many times over.  A typical typist might get as 
much as two years out of the keyboard batteries.

The K350 only has a soft rubber rest for the heels of your hands, not 
the wrists and you can run the keyboard flat, or tilted up. I use them 
tilted as high as they go.  Then again I spend 6 to 8 hours a day on 
these things.    If I leave the two of them on in this small den I don't 
need to heat the room. Each has a 350 watt video card and nearly all of 
that comes out as heat. the multi core processors run about 125 watts 
each. each is driving a 20 inch LCD monitor

> I ended up buying a USB extension cable for $13 which will solve my
> problem for now.

It's what ever you are comfortable with.  We got rid of all wired 
keyboards about a year ago. I'd been wireless for at least 3 years.
> On 3/29/2011 9:31 AM, Dave Harmon wrote:
>> I've been using the Logitech M570 trackball and K350 keyboard for some time
>> now with no interference to them from the rig or to the rig from them.
>> They use the 'new' Unifying receiver on 2.4G.
>> I also have a 27" Samsung flatscreen.

Two machines side by side running the same model mice and keyboards with 
almost instantaneous set up unlike the older IR wireless where it took a 
sequence to get both the mouse and keyboard synced.


Roger (K8RI)
>> I close the laptop and position it out of the way.
>> The unifying receiver plugs into a USB jack and works really slick...no
>> problems at all.
>> Each device comes with a receiver and you have the option of using up to 6
>> devices on each receiver....but to keep from losing the second receiver...I
>> just used it. This means that while I can put both devices on 1 receiver, I
>> just use both receivers.
>> They sell 'combos' of mouse/kb but I wanted my own thing.
>> This pair is highly recommended.
>> Dave Harmon
>> K6XYZ[at]sbcglobal[dot]net
>> Sperry, Ok.
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>> Subject: [RFI] Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combos?
>> I'm thinking of replacing the keyboard and mouse used on my shack
>> computer.  One of the wireless combos (Microsoft/Logitech/etc) would fix
>> some issues.
>> Are there any brands to avoid due to RFI and/or problems with RF getting
>> inside?
>> Is this a good idea?

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