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From: Danny Richardson <k6mhe@k6mhe.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 20:18:10 -0700
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On 8/11/2014 6:56 PM, Gary K9GS wrote:
One thing that would be VERY useful when talking about alternatives to "traditional" bulbs would be to mention both the part numbers of the bulbs and where they were purchased from.

Stores like Home Depot frequently have their own custom manufactured goods so the "Cree" bulb you buy there might not be the same as the one you see on the manufacturer's web site.

I have a total of 11 Cree LEDs blubs installed through the house. Two (sixty watt rated) that are mounted in totally enclosed housings in our two bath rooms and I have had no problems thus far. The rest are installed as follows; two (100 watt rated) in bedside tables, two in a hanging lamps within translucent white glass housings - looks somewhat like inverted mixing bowels - open bottom 9" diameters. Plus one installed in the living room's table lamp. Additionally, I have four 60 watt rated blubs installed in a ceiling fan. At this time all my LEDs been in service less than six months. Time will tell. Thus far I am very pleased and they are instant on, dimmable and are electrically quiet.

For some reason, Home Depot only sales these blubs on line. However, you can arrange at - time of order - to pick them up at their local stores. I had mine shipped to my home as I live more than fifty miles from their nearest store.

Single blubs can be purchased at:


You can find them in six pack at a better unit price here:


My orders were delivered in custom packages that were obviously done by the manufacture and in the case of "six packs" each package was held in place by custom supports within a well labeled manufacture's carton.

The bulbs are available in two color temperatures 2700º K and 5000º K. I prefer the soft-white (2700º K) for household use. The 5000º K seems too harsh for reading and etc, but is quite good for photography as its very close to bright sunlight.

Danny, K6MHE

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