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Subject: Re: [RFI] Power conditioners / regenerators
From: "Gary Smith" <Gary@ka1j.com>
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Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 15:22:42 -0400
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To me, it doesn't make sense that I'd hear any difference in my 
stereo's audio using one of these. Other than a UPC rated for 300W I 
bought used in the 80's, I've never been into contact with anything 
other than protected power strips so I have no experience one way or 
the other. At the upper prices they get for these conditioners, 
anything expensive isn't in my budget even if the benefit does exist.

OTOH, Stereo wise, I absolutely hear a difference between different 
tubes in the preamp & Amp I have. Some say there's no great audio 
difference between tubes but I hear it & I've settled into certain 
tubes I prefer.

But I'm not asking for thoughts on whether it makes a stereo sound 
better, I'm wondering if there's any benefit to using something like 
this regarding RFI & protection to sensitive electronics.

Gary KA1J

> On Sat,10/18/2014 10:50 AM, David Robbins wrote:
> > Conditioners like that are great if you also use the oxygen free super size
> > cables, gold plated connectors on everything, and ultra-capacitors to make
> > sure the woofers have stable enough voltage to really hit those big lows....
> > otherwise use a regular UPS and invest the rest in something useful.
> All of this stuff is pure hype, circus side-show barker stuff, whose 
> only benefit is to transfer money from the pocket of the buyer to the 
> seller.
> 73, Jim K9YC
> Fellow, Audio Engineering Society

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