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[RFI] Cisco IPTV Receiver RFI emissions

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Subject: [RFI] Cisco IPTV Receiver RFI emissions
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Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2014 00:26:00 -0600
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Those who have run into this with AT&T's U-Verse wireless receivers won't be
surprised by this.

I've migrated to CenturyLink's Prism TV from their Telechoice cable TV
system.  Love the Prism TV picture, but found a slight problem that was
causing RFI to one, possibly both, of my garage door openers and wiping out
weak AM broadcast radio signals in all bedrooms.

While trying to determine where my S9+20dB 80-meter RFI was coming from (or
verify it is from powerline noise, and it is), I discovered my new Prism
IPTV wireless receivers are putting out a lot of RFI noise starting at
around 1.6 Mhz and up.  Not sure how high it goes as powerline noise blanks
it out above 3.5Mhz in the ham shack.

The IPTV wireless receivers (I have 2 of these) emit noise very short range
for about 25-30 ft dropping below noise floor after that.  One is located at
about 20 ft from my ham ground mount antenna so the noise is too weak at
3.5Mhz to hear under stronger powerline noise.  

I also have a hard-wired Prism box connected via Cat 5/6 cable to the
incoming Prism router, and it does not seem to emit any RFI noise at all.

All of this system is manufactured by Cisco.  
Here's the info on the wireless IPTV receivers that emit noise: 
Cisco model ISB7005
P/N 4040838

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