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Subject: [RFI] WISP hub home
From: EZ Rhino <EZRhino@fastmovers.biz>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 09:43:46 -0600
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Yesterday a rep from Vivint Wireless came by my home and pitched me on getting 
free high speed wireless (50Mbps up and down) for free if we can become a hub 
home.  Here's how it works:  Vivint uses a fiber run to a tower, and the tower 
shoots a signal at microwave frequencies (5-6GHz I think) to a hub home.  The 
hub home receives the signal with a 2 foot dish, then redistributes the signal 
to local neighbors via unlicensed frequencies within a few hundred yard radius, 
using two small boxes similar to how a wireless router works.

The cons of this are 110w of electricity I provide, and the additional junk on 
my roof.  

Right now I have a similar set up for internet, but instead of being a hub home 
I'm at the end of the chain.  I have a 1 foot square "dish" on the roof, then a 
ethernet cable into the house with a power injector to provide AC power to the 
system, and its hardwired right into my router.  SO I'd be swapping my current 
rooftop equipment for theirs. 

Question:  Does anyone know if this system is going to cause interference at HF 

Currently I have birdies up and down the band every 30-40kHz from my current 
provider.  It's annoying, but manageable.   Many attempts at eliminating the 
"ethernet trash" with multiple wraps of the cables around ferrite hasn't 
helped.  Keeping the ethernet cables physically separated from shack wiring has 
helped somewhat.  Auto notch filter in the radio helps.

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