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[RFI] RV Converter Issue

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Subject: [RFI] RV Converter Issue
From: rrath@charter.net
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:41:12 -0800
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Hello all.
I have an issue with my HF radio in my 2019 5th wheel camp trailer. I
have a 100 watt HF radio which I have turned it down to 90 watts out.
Every time I key up and transmit I hear noise coming from the
converter. I have flipped all the 110volt ac breakers off and pulled
all the 12 volt dc fuses out. I still hear the noise. I have put 2 mix
31 snap-on beads on the 12 volt dc lines (2 on both) coming from the
battery to the converter. I put them at the converter. I still hear
the noise. I am using a screwdriver antenna.
Any ideas what I need to do to make the converter stop making noise
when I transmit? The noise sounds like relays clicking.

Thank you.Rod Rathkc7vqr

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