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[RFI] Samsung Oven update #4 'final' response from Samsung Corporate

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Subject: [RFI] Samsung Oven update #4 'final' response from Samsung Corporate
From: Randy Diddel <k5rhd.73@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 08:00:32 -0600
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Just a quick update:

Samsung sent out another repair tech and this time they took video and planned 
on replacing the system board and touch panel again. The tech seemed to have a 
good sense of what was happening and decided not to waste my time or his.  He 
made some notes and a day later the Samsung CEO’s office replied with the 
following which is laughable. With Paul’s suggestion, I searched for UL tags or 
FCC Part 15 certification and there are no stickers evident on any part of the 
sides, top or drawers. I supposed there could be one on the bottom of the unit 
but I doubt it.  

"Per the technicians notes on file the unit is working within specifications, 
and HAM Radio Frequency output is causing an electrical interference with the 
unit circuit. Which means the issue is not with the unit, but the equipment 
being used. The warranty covers manufactures defects, if there are no defects 
found with the unit no accommodation can be offered.”


Sharhonda H. | Office of the President
Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
(T) 888-480-5675 opt#1 allow prompt to request ext. 30358| 

I am going to make a “Mother of All Chokes” as suggested here now that all the 
’troubleshooting’ has been done by Samsung. I will take pictures of it and 
report back on performance and any changes in the situation.




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> In my experience, when companies feel there is some potential product 
> liability, they generally move pretty quickly.  When Eaton, for example, 
> found that its AFCIs were tripping, they put engineers on a plane.  At this 
> stage, let's give thema bit of room and assume that they will do the right 
> thing.
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> Well handled!!!!
> 73, and thanks,
> Dave (NK7Z)
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> ARRL Asst. Director, NW Division, Technical Resources
> On 5/27/20 10:26 AM, Randy Diddel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am a couple of days behind posting this but wanted to update you all as I 
>> know that you are hanging on the edge of your COVID seats!  :-)
>> I found a ?Contact the SEO? form on their site and submitted a detailed, 
>> friendly summary of what has happened with the first repair attempt along 
>> with the description of the issue and my concerns about safety, fire hazard, 
>> and liability. It also allowed upload attachments so I included a copy of my 
>> repair ticket for good measure.  This was on Saturday afternoon (Memorial 
>> Day weekend).
>> One Monday (!!!) a representative from the CEO?s office called me on the 
>> phone and took down some more details and contact information. I was shocked 
>> that anyone was paying attention over the holiday weekend. I take this as a 
>> good sign that someone deems this important enough of an issue to make 
>> contact with me right away.  I explained that I am not only interested in 
>> solving this for my own selfish reasons but also for the general good and 
>> that I would make myself, radio gear, and oven available for any testing, 
>> inspection, or potential remedy.
>> As before, I will post any and all developments as they come.
>> And, as a backup plan, I have ordered a couple of the real big ferrites from 
>> Newark in case this all goes south and there is no resolution. I am trying 
>> to run down a 12V inverter to temporarily power the oven to see if there is 
>> any change in behavior. No luck yet, I may just go get a cheap one from 
>> Harbor Freight.
>> 73
>> K5RHD
>> /randy
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