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[RTTY] 3B9C Thursday morning

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Subject: [RTTY] 3B9C Thursday morning
From: "Dick White" <whiter26@sbcglobal.net>
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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 16:41:22 -0600
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I have been working the RTTY mode for about seven years and I have enjoyed
the mode and those who work it. But, this morning was the very lowest point
in my RTTY experience.  I found 3B9C  on 20 meters.  He was asking for "USA
only."  Evidently the Europeans did not heed his instructions. Finally he
sent put a message asking the Europeans to not call as he wanted to work USA
calls only.  What happened then was disgusting.  On his call frequency
someone transmitted as string of RY's and 46". A second station sent random
letters and numbers.  Every time the 3B9C op tried to transmit, these guys
also transmitted. There was no way to copy who he came back to. Finally the
op quit calling. I found him again up about 2 from his previous frequency
working Europeans. Needless to say, the QRM was not present as long as he
did not work USA calls.  I have always thought those who worked RTTY were
ladies and gentlemen and were proud of the spirit of amateur radio.
Evidently some people don't care about others. They just want what they can
get. Or, maybe politics have invaded our hobby and this was a way to show
their disrespect for those of us in the USA. I may still try to work the
3B9C call. But. if this is what I am going to encounter I am not going to be
disappointed if I can't get through.
Congratulations to those who did make contact.

73  Dick  KS0M

Richard C. "Dick" White        whiter26@sbcglobal.net
Fulton,  MO. 65251

Amateur Radio Station - KS0M   (ex WB0WLX / KC0MY )
ARRL  Honor Roll / CW  -  5BDXCC / CW  #3295
Life Member American Radio Relay League

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