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Re: [RTTY] W1AW/90 RTTY and LoTW

To: rtty@contesting.com
Subject: Re: [RTTY] W1AW/90 RTTY and LoTW
From: "dg8lav@arrl.net" <dg8lav@arrl.net>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 23:41:20 +0200
List-post: <mailto:rtty@contesting.com>
I worked W1AW at 2004-03-08 and i got it confirmend via LotW
at 2004-03-13 (5 days later)
I think they upload it on a regular basis.

73 de Karl

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On 08.04.2004 at 15:30 Richard Kriss wrote:

>On 6-April-04, W1AW/90 was calling CQ on 15 meters and logging all kinds
>QSOs indicating they would QSL via LoTW or direct. I worked them at 1608z
>and the uploaded the contact to LoTW with the Macintosh version of tsql to
>see if I could get a match.  The LoTW crunched my one QSO file all night
>when it finally got around to processing the QSO it did so at warp speed
>00.178 seconds (see appended robot response).  The bad news is I cannot
>a LoTW match. Either  I screwed up or they have not yet uploaded the log to
>LoTW. I  used W1AW/90  rather than W1AW to LoTW and assume this is the
>correct procedure.
>Anybody get a LoTW match for a RTTY QSO with W1AW/90?
>I plan to QSL the old fashion way with a SASE to get a W1AW card for my
>DXCC application.
>73 de Dick, AA5VU
>------ Forwarded Message
>From: lotw-admin@arrl.org
>Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 00:44:55 GMT
>To: Richard Kriss <aa5vu@arrl.net>
>Subject: Automated response to your LOTW request
>Processing file w1aw.tq8
>2004-04-07 00:44:55 LOTW_QSO:  Processing file: w1aw.tq8
>2004-04-07 00:44:55 LOTW_QSO:  Certificate found for AA5VU - UNITED STATES
>2004-04-07 00:44:55 LOTW_QSO:  Successfully processed 1 QSO record in
>0.177456 seconds
>2004-04-07 00:44:55 LOTW_QSO:  No errors encountered
>------ End of Forwarded Message
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