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[RTTY] Rtty and Ritty

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Subject: [RTTY] Rtty and Ritty
From: "Charles Morrison" <cfmorris@bellsouth.net>
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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 18:36:10 -0500
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It's unbelievable that this thread has started, since I pulled my kam out
this weekend just to play a bit of pactor.  On the chance, I set it up in
parallel copy with MMTTY to watch and see who did what better.

Taking into consideration what numerous people have said on the reflector
and other places on the web for some time, I've either got an extraordinary
Kam or a horribly misconfigured MMTTY.  The reason being, that I found
instances where the Kam actually copied characters that MMTTY didn't.  I sat
there watching two ea stations working each other and with all the qsb and
flutter and such, and neither was extraordinary in copying.  However I
didn't find the kam to error that much.

Believe me when I say, im not here to trumpet the Kam.. much the different..
I've been a diehard mmtty user since the first time I read that everyone was
having such great results with a freeware program.  It looks fancy and has
lots of settings, but hell, I didn't find it copying all that much better
then my 10 year old Kam.   I however may have been asking more of both of
them then they're capable of handling.  I want something that's going to
basically copy the damn signal when I cant hear it anymore, but I don't know
if that's reasonable or not.  I don't have any other comparisons, except
maybe Mixw or one of the other freebie soundcard programs (most of which use
MMTTY so they're out of the question).

I'd like to know one thing though.  How often do you find yourself looking
over at the other screen and having it copy better then MMTTY and would you
say that an investment of $100 in a program that's several years old and
uses outdated hardware worth it?  Im looking for perfection, something that
of course isn't achievable but hell, I've been using mmtty for 3 years now,
using "rtty logic" to fill in the gaps in the text and maybe all the while
I've either got the damn thing misconfigured or its not going to do what I
need it to!


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