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RE: [RTTY] FT-1000MP Mark V Field & PSK31/MFSK31/RTTY Via Soundcard

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Subject: RE: [RTTY] FT-1000MP Mark V Field & PSK31/MFSK31/RTTY Via Soundcard
From: "Scott Keating" <n4gva@aerog.com>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 19:58:11 -0400
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FWIW it looked good today in the airplane Thomas.  Looks like I might be on
the air /AM for a few hours tomorrow morning again - pending WX.

73 - Scott, N4GVA (periodic /AM on RTTY/PSK/MFSK)

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Subject: [RTTY] FT-1000MP Mark V Field & PSK31/MFSK31/RTTY Via Soundcard

I bought a new FT-1000MP Mark V Field last weekend and am just getting
around to interfacing it via my homebrewed digital interface and homebrewed
computer. For DSP software I use Hamscope v1.54 because it supports PSK31,
MFSK16 and RTTY.

Using the supplied five pin packet male plug I soldered transceiver audio
out to soundcard in at pin #4 (data out) and that works fine. I also
soldered the PTT line from the computer to pin #3 and that keys the rig up
fine. The problem is with soundcard audio out to transceiver audio in. I
soldered that to pin #1 (data in) and I get no or low audio in, even with
the soundcard controls turned up to an acceptable level. So I presume that
this is the wrong place for audio in to the 
transceiver. As far as I can see I either send audio in via the mic jack on
the front of the rig which is unacceptable to me because of wear and tear on
the male jack. Or I use RCA female "Patch" jack on the back of the rig,
which is also unacceptable to me because it's tied to the mic jack on front
and I would still have to unhook the MD-100 desk mic to prevent audio pick

Am I missing something? Also as far as menu settings, I went to 8-6 and set
it up by selecting Easy-Set with the sub VFO knob and PS31-SU with the main
VFO knob. Any help would be appreciated.

73 & GUD DX,
Thomas F. Giella, KN4LF
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