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[RTTY] 746 and FSK

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Subject: [RTTY] 746 and FSK
From: "Bill Metzger" <wmetzger@earthlink.net>
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Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 11:51:07 -0500
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Ed and Peter,

I own a 746 (original) and not the PRO model.  However, they are essentially
the same rig with the exception of the DSP/filters etc.  I used my 746 with
a RASCAL interface setup for RTTY FSK.  All the signals you need are in the
ACC plug on the back.  I replaced the 746 with a 756PROII and have it setup
exactly the same.

I'm active on PSK and have used it extensively the same way (ACC jack) and
have also tried it on SSTV and DIGTRX.

The big advantage of the ACC jack is that the MIC will be muted during
transmit on any of the digital modes and the MIC Gain control will be
inoperative.  This is a big advantage so you don't have to keep adjusting
ALC etc. when shifting modes or having the Windows sounds transmitted on
RTTY or PSK via the MIC.


On Sun, 16 May 2004, Ed wrote:

-> I am looking for some pros and cons on how well the 746 does RTTY. I'm a
-> casual RTTY op and a casual RTTY contester. Not concerned about SSB as my
-> preferred mode is CW. TIA

I'm interested in hearing what you find as well since I just acquired a
746Pro myself.  I have the FSK cable for my RB+ but have yet to get it all
hooked up (I had been running AFSK to the IC725 previously).

For the other digital modes, I presume the signal is still fed via the
mic.  The 746Pro has "SSB Digital" modes that allow the use of other
filters (I think) but that turns off the mic port.  Is there a better way
to feed "sound card" modes to a 746Pro?
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