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[RTTY] RTTY] Comments on "RigExpert"

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Subject: [RTTY] RTTY] Comments on "RigExpert"
From: f6irf@free.fr
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 09:52:14 +0200
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>RigExpert is my primary digital mode interface BECAUSE it will decode
>signals about 6 - 10 db better than the RigBlaster.

Did not know a rig-blaster could be used as decoder !

>The RigExpert will still decode 100% copy when
>the RigBlaster and MicroHam do not copy anything.

Normal... no decoder is built into the microham !

>Reason.. The Rigblaster uses internal sound cards which live in the very
>noisy environment inside the computer...

Sic ! moving the soundcard outside the computer is the solution to get rid of
noise and gain 6 to 10dB ! Nothing about the decoder used, the presets, the
transceiver fiters, the soundcard, the soundcard calibration... all depends
from the interface and the location of the soundcard...

Interesting "scientific" approach... ;-)


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