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[RTTY] FT-1000 Feature

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Subject: [RTTY] FT-1000 Feature
From: "Tim Pearson" <ku4j@hiwaay.net>
Reply-to: ku4j@hiwaay.net
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 12:37:45 -0500
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I just purchased an FT-1000MK-V Field at Dayton and have discovered an cool
in conjunction with Win-XP.

I am able to run MMTTY (fsk) using the Main Receiver and WinPSK using the
at the SAME time using the same sound card.  On the FT-1000, I'm using the
remote audio
out connector which has line level audio out for both the main and sub

In MMTTY I can pick the sound card left channel and in WinPSK I can pick the
right channel.
I have tried to transmit yet, but thought that was a pretty cool feature to
share with
the group.  I'm sure I could run two copies of MMTTY each using a separate
channel for
diversity decoding.

73 Tim-KU4J

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