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Re: [RTTY] West Virginia & Delaware on LOTW

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] West Virginia & Delaware on LOTW
From: Sid Ashen-Brenner <sashen@swbell.net>
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 21:52:36 -0600
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         Seems to be harder to do than LoTW now.  Many are 
complaining about the cost of postage and the cards.
Is it "better" to have a card in hand .. Yes  I'd like it better that 
way, but by the same token, I'd like to use one of the contacts that 
I had with W0ETC for Iowa for WAS, but I didn't get one from him in 
the mail before he became a Silent Key.

         So far all I have left for WAS RTTY is Delaware, Georgia, 
and South Carolina on LoTW.

                 Sid    n0obm

At 09:35 PM 2/5/2006, John Becker wrote:

>What ever happen to getting a QSL card in your hand ? ? ?
>At 09:32 PM 2/5/06, you wrote:
> >Anyone care to make a sked this week on RTTY from West Virginia & Delaware?
> >I need those two states on LOTW.  Of course you need to be using LOTW.
> >Thanks in advance.
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