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From: "Robert Chudek" <k0rc@citlink.net>
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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 13:40:24 -0600
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Hello Ron,

I see Rick Ellison N2AMG (the rtty module programmer) already answered your 
query. I'll throw my long winded 2¢ in as a newbie to N1MM...

In the default exchange field of the contest setup page, put 001. Nothing else. 
Also, check to make sure the "send leading zeros" is checked in Configurer > 
Function Keys > Upper Right Checkbox. Leading zeros is stated as a requirement 
in the BARTG rules.

In your F2 macro put a command such as: {TX}{ENTER}! 599 {EXCH} {TIME2}Z DE 

(Note the space after your callsign. This helps eliminate band noise from 
adding letters to your callsign on the received end.)

When you are ready for a contact, make sure there is a Callsign in the logging 
widow (otherwise {time2} doesn't work), then press F2. The macro will start a 
new line and send K0RC 599 001 1831Z DE KP2N 

If you want to auto log contacts, add {LOG} between the last space and the {RX} 
in the macro. Alternately, you might want to put the {LOG} command into the F3 
"Thank you qrz" macro. (I prefer this setup because I don't log contacts until 
both sides of the QSO have been confirmed and everyone is happy!)

If you are asked for a repeat (and have already logged the QSO), leave the 
Callsign field blank and press F2. It will retransmit the last logged QSO 
information, including serial number and the time of that logged qso.

If you are new to N1MM, be aware the program runs in two modes - S&P and Run. 
The mode will change automatically, depending upon what you are doing (tuning 
the radio, for instance, tells the program you are S&Ping and will change 
itself into S&P mode). The first time I used the program I didn't understand 
this concept and I didn't know why things were always changing on me!

Become familiar with the Red and Green dots to the left of the "Wipe" button. 
The indicate the current program mode.

Also be aware the first 12 function key macros define the "Run mode" macros, 
while an optional second set of 12 macros define the "S&P mode" macros. I think 
the program comes with all 12 Run macros setup but only 2 or 3 S&P macros setup.

Stability wise, the program is very solid. I am using the MMTTY engine with 
N1MM Logger and have been very pleased with the performance, support, and 
features. Any problems I've had are from my lack of skill in understanding all 
the nuances of this feature rich program.

The N1MM programming team has done an excellent job. And to top it all off, as 
you know, it's freeware!

Good luck and I hope to work you next weekend!

73 de Bob - k0RC

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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 13:51:37 -0500
From: "Ron Hall" <ronkp2n@earthlink.net>
Subject: [RTTY] Program
To: <rtty@contesting.com>
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Is anyone using N1MM logger in the BARTG contest this weekend?

Need to know how to program in the UTC time as part of the exchange.

Also how to send the serial number more than once during the exchange.
Can't seem to find these answers in the help pages.

Thanks in advance.

Ron  KP2N

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