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Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 16:15:00 -0000
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Hello all,

Well, that was fun! Nice to see a good amount of activity too.
Unusually, I had to wait till almost the end for that last continent of SA,
but PP5EG called me and filled that slot.
And ZM2A was a late addition for OC too.
Some nice DX about, but the pile-ups were just too big to bother with - even
quite late into the contest.
Had a few nice runs, and got 9 out of 10 call areas in the USA, plus VE1, 2,
3 & 6, and then added JA1, 3, 4 & 6 this morning.
Saw a lot of the usual RTTY contesters being spotted in the ARRL 160m
contest, so that reduced the number of calls around.

Both 15m and 10m were as dead as the proverbial here, although I did just
about hear a couploe of UT's on 15m. However, as I had worked them on 20m,
there was little incentive to QSY.

I ended up with one less DXCC than last year, but 4 more call areas, so not
all bad.

Anyway, here is what I managed:
80m:    31
40m:    39
20m:    181
15m:    0
10m:    0
Total:  251
Continents:             6
Call Areas:             17
DXCC:                   46
Total multipliers:      63
Score:                  94878

Thanks to all for the fun, and my log is already on LoTW.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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