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Subject: [RTTY] DXCC RTTY via LotW
From: Laurent Ferracci <l.ferracci@comeca-group.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 11:29:05 +0100
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Hi friends

I was just wondering about something.

I am a newbie into DXing. Up to know, i didn't chase RTTY DXCC so i had 
not specifically credited paper QSL cards to my DXCC account for RTTY 
contacts (unless that was a new one that i had only in RTTY, of course).

For my last submission, as it was only for an endorsment to my mixed 
credits, i decided to ask the DXCC-RTTY award and had some paper QSLs 
credited for that.

Now that the submision has been accepted, i realize that all the 
"paper-QSLed" contacts have been added to my account on LotW, so i can 
NOT tell any more how many credits i have for "DXCC RTTY via LotW".

If i just look at my LotW account, it says 121, but it counts the 
paper-confirmed contacts ! So i can't put 121 as my score on Andrei's page.

How are we suppose to deal with that ?

Laurent Ferracci, F1JKJ
Blog radio: http://www.ferracci.org
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