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Subject: Re: [RTTY] Working ones self?
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Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 17:58:09 -0400
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 yes, but I'm told you'll go blind if you do.....
 On Wed 04/ 2/08 6:01 PM , ns5b@comcast.net sent:
  Had a funny question asked from a friend of mine and wanted to know
how you would answer. I told him I would see what responses I received
and get back to him. He laughed and said he would be interested to see
what others thought about it. 
 He said he had 2 radios, 2 antennas, and 2 PC's....both set up to
run RTTY. One on one side of the room, the other, on the other side
of the room. His question was...if he had both radios working split,
and both PC's open with MMTTY (or your favorite) running on each
one....could he work himself and get credit? He said he would have to
physically move from one radio/pc to the other across the room, but
wanted to know if he could. 
 Can you work yourself? 
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