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Re: [RTTY] 160 M RTTY 1808 CQ

To: "Bill Turner" <dezrat@copper.net>, RTTY@contesting.com
Subject: Re: [RTTY] 160 M RTTY 1808 CQ
From: "Andrei Stchislenok" <asnp3d@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 18:48:00 -0400
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Yes, you are right, Bill.

I will QRV tonight at 1:00AM Zulu, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30 AM Zulu first 10 minutes
every half an hour on 1808 RTTY.
Do not know who has what kind of antenna for 160 meters, but I would
recommend sloper with the coil.
Vertical part iz 40 feet, coil on top 90 turns on 1 inch outside Diameter
and 68.3 feet sloping wire. I think it is by K1ZM was in QST, 1998 April. It
took me just few hours to assemble it, it works well for the 160 beginner
like me. Use a rod in the ground.
SWR is 1:1.25 on 1800-1835MHz.

2008/4/21, Bill Turner <dezrat@copper.net>:
> It would help if you would put the time in your message. I know there is
> a time in the header but often that is not correct. Thanks.
> 73, Bill W6WRT

73's Andrei
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