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[RTTY] No RTTY Contests in June - Replacement for ANARTS Contest?

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Subject: [RTTY] No RTTY Contests in June - Replacement for ANARTS Contest?
From: Tim Goeppinger <timgep@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 12:16:24 -0700 (PDT)
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As it currently stands, there will be no ANARTS contest, and therefore no RTTY 
contest in June.  I find this fact to be sad.  Many people think the 
propagation to be bad in June, but I disagree.  Near the Summer Solstace, there 
are good openings over the North Pole to Europe.

As a RTTY contesting community, what can we do?

1.  Operate June 12-13 weekend and pretend that an ANARTS contest is going.
    No scores have been posted, nor certificates awarded for this contest in 
the last
   2 years, so really nothing is different this year.

2.  Encourage someone or some group to start a new RTTY contest in June.  Maybe 
that would be based in a certain geographical area?  Pacific Rim?  South 
California RTTY Party?   I know it is too late for contesting software support 
this year.

Just thinking aloud here.  What do you think?  I hate to see June go by without 
a RTTY contest.



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