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[RTTY] New life for ANARTS RTTY contest

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Subject: [RTTY] New life for ANARTS RTTY contest
From: dj3iw@web.de
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 01:42:45 +0200 (CEST)
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Dear fellow RTTY contesters,
on behalf of the DL-DX RTTY CONTEST GROUP (DRCG) the following information
is posted. The DRCG has decided to give the defunct ANARTS RTTY Contest a
new home. The contest will be continued though with some changes and a
new name: DRCG Long Distance Contest short DLDC.  The ANARTS points
table and multiplier scheme stay in effect, VK bonus points are removed and
the contest will be run in three 8-hour parts on the second full weekend of
June. A new 6-hour class has been added. Existing ANARTS contest modules
may be used.
A copy of the DLDC rules follow (hoping the copy/paste does not destroy the
format too much). Full details can be found and downloaded from www.drcg.de
in a couple of days.

73 and cu all in contest on 12/12 June 2010
Goetz DJ3IW - DLDC Contest Director


The DRCG Long Distance Contest
 The contest takes place on the second full weekend of June each year. 
Three (3) separate periods: 
0800 - 1559 UTC Saturday.
0000 - 0759 UTC Sunday.
1600 - 2359 UTC Sunday. 
1. AIM:
Work DX, work long distance, work continents.
The 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz bands may be used, observing established band
plans. The international beacon frequency 14.100 MHz +/-500 Hz must be kept
clear of contest transmissions.
3. MODE:
Baudot (RTTY) only.
4. GENERAL for all categories:
(a) A station may only be worked once per band, but may be worked on other
bands for QSO points and multipliers.
(b) All entrants must not exceed 1500 watts total output power, or the maximum
output power of their license class or country, whichever is less, on any band.
(c) All operation must take place from one operating site. All antennas must be
physically connected by wire to the transmitters and receivers used by the 
(d) No unattended operation or contacts through gateways or digi-peaters 
(e) Only one transmitted signal is permitted at any time.
(f) The use of spotting nets is permitted in all categories. However, self-
spotting or asking other stations to spot you is not allowed.
(g) ANY use of an non-amateur means including, but not limited to, telephones,
e-mail, Internet, Instant Messenger, chat rooms, VoIP, Twitter, SMS or the use
of Packet to solicit, arrange, or confirm any contacts during or after the
contest is not permitted. 
Only All-band categories exist.
One person (the operator) performs all operating and logging functions.
May operate the full length of the contest.
One person (the operator) performs all operating and logging functions.
May operate up to max. 6 hours.
Off-times (breaks) must be greater than 60 minutes.
Counting of operating time: Counting starts with first QSO in the log and
stops at max. operating time (6 hours). Breaks of more than 60 minutes do
not count for OP time. However, participants may operate more than 6 hours.
B - Multi Operator Single Station (MULTI-OP)
Only one transceiver may be used.
May operate the full length of the contest.
RST, Time in four-figure UTC (hhmm) and CQ Zone.
Example: 599 0815 14
For each completed QSO use the "Exchange Points Table" to obtain the QSO
points. This table is available for download at [www.drcg.de].
(a) All DXCC countries and all JA, W, VE and VK call areas (W1, W7, VK2, ..)
count as multipliers on each band. Except JA, W, VE and VK main land do not
count as multipliers.
NOTE: Stations operating from call areas other than indicated by their call
must use '/x' with 'x' giving their actual call area i.e. K5DJ/1.
(b) Each Continent counts once only to a maximum of 6 Continent Multipliers.
(c) SCORE: Total QSO-Points x Total DXCC-Mults x Total Continent-Mults

Note: Claimed scores are not required as part of the log. Your final score
will be calculated automatically by log checking.
8. LOGS:
(a) All QSOs made during the contest must be included in the log, also if
participating in the SINGLE-OP 6-HOURS class, but working more than the
allowed time in the contest. In this case all QSOs in excess of the allowed
operating time do not count towards your score, and will be used as
(b) Only CABRILLO Logs will be accepted.
- All times must be in UTC;
- All logs must be submitted with the QSOs in chronological order;
- All sent and received exchanges are to be logged;
- All QSOs made during the contest must be sent in one log;
- Cabrillo templates can be found at [www.drcg.de].
(c) The Contest Committee requires an electronic log. Logs must be sent as
an e-mail attachment named "callsign.log". The e-mail subject header must
include the callsign used in the contest.
(d) Submit logs to [dldc@drcg.de].
(e) Any log with missing/wrong information may be treated as checklog.
(f) Logs where more than 15 % of the claimed QSOs have been removed as a
result of log checking (bad QSOs) will be classified as checklogs.
Logs must be received by 1 August of the year.
Logs received after the deadline may be listed in the results but will be
ineligible for any award.
Certificates will be awarded in each Classification to:
1st to 10th place in the World
1st to 3rd place in each Continent
1st to 3rd place in each Country(DXCC).
Awards will be made available only as PDF file for download from [www.drcg.de].
(a) The club must be a local group and not a national organization.
(b) To be listed, a minimum of 3 logs must be received from a club.
(c) Indicate your club affiliation in the Cabrillo header.
Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant
or the rules of the contest, unsportsmanlike conduct, taking credit for
unverifiable QSOs or multipliers may be deemed sufficient cause for
THE JUDGES decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
We reserve the right to list multiple awards on any Certificate and/or vary
the numbers of awards given without notice. Logs become the property of
the DLDC Contest Committee.
- The Points Table is the same as for the previous ANARTS contest.
- Existing ANARTS contest modules can be used for the first run of
the DLDC.

Goetz, DJ3IW
DLDC Contest Director 
Bernd, DC3HB
DLDC Contest Manager
Last updated on Sunday, April 18, 2010, 1130 UTC.
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