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[RTTY] Rigexpert and FT-1000D

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Subject: [RTTY] Rigexpert and FT-1000D
From: "Jakub SQ8J" <sq8j@o2.pl>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 20:00:35 +0100
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I need help, I have Rigexpert S/D RE2.3 and my rig is  FT-1000D I am using
the mode RTTY FSK (not AFSK) I can not set the modem in dual mode so that I
could to use upon receipt at the same time with their main and sub receiver
at two different frequencies when connecting the radio modem on the radio I
use the AF output out where it is known as the main receiver audio output
and the sub receiver (right channel-main and left channel-sub)

according to the diagram at the output of the AF out DB25 plug to 12 pin
main reciver, and the 6 pin sub but unfortunately it looks as if the modem
does not hear the audio from the sub receiver the radio is in dual mode and
the software side everything is ok, I think that is the fault of the modem,
just do not know if this is a matter of proper configuration or rather, the
radio modem connection

I have a case that having two windows open MMTTY (first on the main receiver
and one for sub receiver) and the time when the audio signal is given to the
12 pin on the modem from the main receiver is the same signal appears to me
to be in the second sub window of the receiver and the signals are identical
..... I do not know why this happens ...???

and please answer me:
firstly whether my modem as RE2.3 can work in dual mode?
secondly, if so, whether this is possible under other than MixW example
Logger32  using as MMTTY plug-ins?

in the diagram connect the modem to the FT-1000D dual-mode output PATCH IN
is connected to the AF out, do not quite understand why or when the FSK, the
two slots that are also connected to each other according to the scheme? Is
this may be the only AFSK? Please explain to me whether in my setup or do I
have them connect to???

error may be committed because they do not have combined AF out  with IN

but everything seems to indicate that the DB25 connector pin 6 is down or
offline does not work the reception is just dumb as if nothing he has
experienced and is not receiving the connection of the audio .......

Some experience in this topic, or thoughts or ideas to write any help is
greatly appreciated thank you very much

Best 73,
Jakub SQ8J

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