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Re: [RTTY] Digital Oscilloscope for tuning RTTY?

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] Digital Oscilloscope for tuning RTTY?
From: Kok Chen <chen@mac.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 10:30:24 -0700
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I was addicted to how good a crossed banana appears on an analog scope that has 
moderately slow phosphor, that when I implemented crossed bananas in 
cocoaModem, I had added an exponential decay to each dot of the crossed ellipse 
that I displayed on the screen.

It is still nowhere as good as analog scopes since the good scopes with "slow 
phosphor" have two (perhaps more) decay rates.  With the faster computers 
today, you can probably do a good job emulating that as well.  Something to 
write more software some day, perhaps...

Chen, W7AY

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