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[RTTY] GU0SUP DRCG-LDC - 6-hour section

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Subject: [RTTY] GU0SUP DRCG-LDC - 6-hour section
From: "Phil Cooper" <pcooper@guernsey.net>
Reply-to: pcooper@guernsey.net
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 17:54:15 +0100
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Hi all,

Due to family commitments, I could only enter the 6 hour section.
Started at 0800UTC this morning, and had some great fun. Worked KH6ZM on
15m, but also worked G's and GM, which is not usual.
Still, I was CQ'ing as much as possible, and had some great runs. Got a few
nice ones in the log, and also worked a good number of JA's on 15m.
Decided to take a 2-hour break from 1200UTC until 1400UTC, and then carry
on. When I started again, the bands seemed much quieter, and the W's had all
but disappeared.
Not one single VE worked (or heard!), but it was good fun.
Best DX from here was KH6ZM on 15m, 9M6XRO on 20m, and A6/DL2RMC on 10m.

So, here is my claimed score:
         QSOs   Points          DX      Areas
80m:        0             0               0         0
40m:        0             0               0         0
20m:       95           393             25          3
15m:      106           943             32         11
10m:       20           82              13          0
Total:    221           1418            70         14

Total multipliers:         84
Total continents:           6
Score:             714672

9M6    DL     ER     EU     F      G      GM     HA     I      LA
LX     OH     OK     OM     ON     PA     S5     SM     SP     UA
UN     UR     YL     YO     YU    

Call Areas
K1   K2   K4  

A6     DL     EA     EA8    ER     F      G      GM     HA     HB
HL     HZ     I      KH6    LA     LX     LZ     OH     OK     OM
ON     PA     PY     S5     SP     UA     UA9    UN     UR     VU
YL     YU    

Call Areas
JA1  JA2  JA4  JA6  JA7  JA0 
K1   K2   K4   K8   K9  

A6     DL     GM     HA     HB     HZ     I      LZ     OE     OM
S5     YO     YU    

Call Areas

Thanks to all for the fun, and the points, and I will see you in
Friedrichshafen soon!

73 de Phil GU0SUP


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