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Re: [RTTY] Fw: [The Daily DX] Bouvet Is 3Y0IOF Dxpedition Press Release!

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] Fw: [The Daily DX] Bouvet Is 3Y0IOF Dxpedition Press Release!
From: Dick-W0RAA <dickt@w0raa.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 21:34:49 -0700
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That would take all the fun of the chase out of it.  Plus, we wouldn't be able 
to listen to the frequency cops, tuner-uppers and lids calling on the DX 
transmit frequency.  Geez...

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On Dec 3, 2012, at 7:52 PM, louloria@aol.com wrote:

> Now why don't they just take a high end computer, server and and a list of  
> all the dxers interested in this expedition (who have donated at least 
> $100.00) remotely key all the dxers transmitters via satellite 
> themselves.With skimmers coping all the returns, they can to sit back, drink 
> mai tai's and  be able to get the dxpedition over in about 48 hours. And then 
> on to the next site.
> Louis C Loria, W0QQG
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> Sent: Mon, Dec 3, 2012 3:38 pm
> Subject: [RTTY] Fw: [The Daily DX] Bouvet Is 3Y0IOF Dxpedition Press Release!
> The following is from the Daily DX Newsletter.  Please take the time 
> to read it if you haven't already seen it.  
> I received it from AG0A.  
> Subject: [The Daily DX] Bouvet Is 3Y0IOF Dxpedition Press Release!
> The following satire announcement is being sent around via the various
> reflectors.  Just want to make sure everyone is aware of the exact text
> in case someone hears any rumors of an upcoming DXpedition to Bouvet
> Island.  Again this is satire only.  It will not be listed on The Daily
> DX calendar!  
> 73
> Bernie, W3UR
> 3 December 2012
> After a lot of negotiation we are pleased to announce a multinational
> team of twelve is to undertake a Dxpedition to Bouvet Island from 25
> March 2013 to 5 April 2013 using the callsign 3Y0IOF.
> We will be operating 24/7 with five stations covering all bands
> 160m-10m.
> We understand that Dxpeditions are all about you the DX operator
> therefore we are pleased to announce some exciting new innovations. 
> We appreciate many of you feel you should not have to make any effort to
> work us. Accordingly we are offering you the chance to call us on the
> telephone when you are ready for a QSO. That's right we will give you a
> phone number and when you are ready you can ring us and we will
> immediately cease to work the pile up and call you on a frequency of
> your choice. Not only that we will also ensure an email is sent to you
> directly after the QSO to confirm you are in the log. Furthermore we
> are organising a team of experts who, if you wish, will fly in and set
> up your rig on the required frequency, connect the antenna for you and
> make sure the heating or ventilation is on so it is nice and warm or
> cool in your shack as the case requires. Don't worry about propagation.
> We will make sure there is some between us as we understand that is our
> responsibility and it's our fault if there isn't. 
> If that is not for you then don't worry we are just as happy to work you
> in a pile up. We realise that we will need to operate in accordance
> with your operating habits so therefore we will understand if you call
> over the top of another station we are trying to work, or when we are
> specifically calling a part of the world you do not reside in, or if you
> are simply calling aimlessly or while we are transmitting, or even if
> you call when you cannot hear us. We will do our best to work you
> despite all this and yes we know it's our fault if you do not make it
> into the log. 
> We wish to acknowledge the value Frequency Cops bring to a Dxpedition so
> to recognise this we are going to specifically publicise some times when
> we will arrange for some operators to deliberately call us on our
> frequency instead of split. Frequency Cops can even register their
> availability with us to help us ensure these periods get maximum uptake
> by the Frequency Cop community. During these periods the Frequency Cops
> will be able to say or send "up up!" to their hearts content. (Note: we
> will make sure we tell the pile up to listen up and not down as the
> recent PT0S Dxpedition has taught us that Frequency Cops don't know how
> to send "down" in CW). 
> We also don't want the "tuner uppers" to feel left out and like them we
> feel dummy loads are completely overrated. So when we are ready to
> transmit on a band we will give them the opportunity to tune up on our
> frequency before we start working the pile up. Each period will start
> with us sending our callsign and "QDL" ("Quick Dummy Loaders") so they
> will know when to commence tuning up on us. We will allow for at least
> five minutes for this as we know how important it is for the tuner
> uppers to make sure their finals are good and ready. We acknowledge if
> they go bang it's our fault. Depending on demand we will every now and
> then send "QDL" while working a pile up so any tuner uppers late to the
> party can tune up on us as well. 
> Unfortunately we will not have cluster access while we are on Bouvet but
> we know this will not stop you posting announcements and comments on the
> cluster about our Dxpedition. Some suggestions for you to try include
> saying what band you want us to QSY to or mode to operate on, the
> quality of our ops and the usual "loud", "can't hear them here", "thanks
> for 7th band" or "yee hah" comments. Likewise as we noted above we
> understand it's our fault if you cannot work us and therefore we accept
> in that case you will post on the cluster calling us the worst
> Dxpedition ever. 
> We can't wait to be of service to you. 
> The 3Y0IOF Team
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