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Re: [RTTY] [digitalradio] Why (and How) You Should Urge the FCC to Rejec

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] [digitalradio] Why (and How) You Should Urge the FCC to Reject the ARRL's Symbol Rate Petition
From: "Dave AA6YQ" <aa6yq@ambersoft.com>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2013 03:32:55 -0500
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I agree that the 300 baud symbol rate limitation should be raised, Steve, but 
this should be accomplished without making the
“interference from automatic stations” situation worse – as the ARRL’s petition 
would do if accepted.

The “interference from automatic stations” problem has been denied, ignored, 
and slow-rolled for years; the two-step approach you
suggest below would continue this pattern. Automatic stations should not be 
permitted to use faster digital modes until an effective
means of reducing their interference to ongoing QSOs has been instituted.


              Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: Re: [digitalradio] Why (and How) You Should Urge the FCC to Reject the 
ARRL's Symbol Rate Petition


Dave the ARRL petition if approved would allow 
many waveforms to be utilized by U.S. Amateurs 
for applications beyond just unattended message 
traffic servers and the use of the new PACTOR IV 
waveforms. Many existing non-proprietary 
waveforms and of course those not yet developed 
and their potential applications are limited by 
the ridiculous and outdated FCC 300 baud symbol rate limitation.

Dave your effort to obstruct this much needed 
change to the FCC rules for an improved Amateur 
Radio Service HF capability is a bit misguided 
from my perspective. The better approach with 
respect to your concerns and efforts would be to 
file your own petition with the FCC to mandate 
that all unattended automatic servers provide 
busy channel detection with the demonstrated 
ability to detect any waveform that is legal for 
use under the FCC rules. I would think everyone 
would back such a rule making effort on your part 
100%, just as I think everyone should back 
RM-11708 as initiated by the ARRL 100%.


/s/ Steve, N2CKH

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