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[SD-User] V10.19 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V10.19 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 17:23:37 +0100
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V10.19         27 June 2004

Keyer and Rig Control Ports:
    COM1 to COM8 now supported, to accommodate USB
    to Serial converters.  If you previously used
    LPT1 or LPT2 for CW, you must use the PORTS
    command to select 9 (for LPT1) and 10 (for

    CW sidetone has been restored to the Windows
    programs - SD, SDI, SDV and SDX.  It's handy
    for checking memory playback when not connected
    to a radio.

    A CW port must be, or have been, enabled before
    sidetone can be heard.  The SIDETONE command
    toggles audio o/p and the keying o/p - it's one
    or the other, but not both, at any one time.

SDI - IOTA Contest:
    Error in CW F2 memory playback (the exchange)

    Fixed SDICHECK - post contest log and analysis.
    Got broken somewhere in the conversion to 

SDR - Rescore Cabrillo and SD Logs.
    SDR accepts a Cabrillo .LOG file or an SD .ALL
    file as input.  This version, 10.19, is robust.
    Earlier versions should be deleted.

    SDR rescores each QSO and identifies dupes and
    multipliers, and is intended only for contests
    with multipliers and/or with variable points per
    Although SDR is a general-purpose utility, and
    will rescore most contests supported by SD,
    Cabrillo logs must conform to the appropriate
    QSO template at,
    or, for RSGB contests with district codes, to
    the second template at

    SDR creates NAME.NEW using SD's record format,
    where NAME is the name of your .LOG or .ALL
    input file, and gives an immediate analysis of
    QSO, points and multiplier totals by band.

    File handling/renaming then occurs as follows.

    1.  Cabrillo .LOG input file - NAME.LOG

        If NAME.ALL does not exist, NAME.NEW is
        renamed as NAME.ALL - which can then be
        loaded or analysed further with SD and

        If NAME.ALL exists:
           Copy NAME.ALL to NAME.OLD
           Delete NAME.ALL
           Rename NAME.NEW as NAME.ALL

    2.  SD .ALL input file.
           Copy NAME.ALL to NAME.OLD
           Delete NAME.ALL
           Rename NAME.NEW as NAME.ALL

    Errors or exceptions, if any, are appended to
    the corresponding records in the newly-created
    .ALL file, and can be inspected with a text
    editor.  They do not affect the ability of SD
    or SDCHECK to load this .ALL file.

    When using a text editor to examine a .ALL file,
    please take care not to change the length of
    any record. If you do, you may not be able to
    load the file with SD or SDCHECK.  If you get
    into trouble, you will still have your original
    .LOG file or .OLD file as backup.

SDV - VHF Contests.
    Post-contest logging option, with the OFFLINE
    command, was broken in V10.18.  Fixed.


The programs may be downloaded from

They are all freeware. Please encourage other contesters
to use them and to sign-up to the sd-user mailing list.
The more feedback and suggestions I get, the more incentive
I'll have to improve the programs.

IMPORTANT:  Keep a copy of whatever version(s) you're
using now - as insurance!

Paul EI5DI

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