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[SD-User] Problem running SDR

Subject: [SD-User] Problem running SDR
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 05:50:01 EDT
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Unzipped SDR but on trying to run it for the first time I got a "file not 
found" message for inpout32.dll. I copied inpout32.dll from SDI to the SDR 
and successfully opened SDR.
At this point running SDR virtually stops my computer! When I type in C-A-B 
it takes maybe 20 seconds between each letter appearing in the dialog box. 
Attempting to load the LOG file for conversion brings up the first line of the 
log, followed by a complete crash.
O/S is Win ME on a PII 366mhz laptop. I downloaded the SDR.ZIP file again 
from the EI5DI website, re-installed, but with precisely the same results. 
unzipped, 3 files appear in the SDR folder).
Any help or suggestions, please?                73   -  John G3OOK
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