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[SD-User] SDx and Winkey

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Subject: [SD-User] SDx and Winkey
From: "David" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 21:34:18 +0100
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I am using SDX and I want to use Winkey but when I plug Winkey into the Comm
port and run SDX a voltage doesn't appear on DTR to power Winkey. If I close
SDX and run say HyperTerminal then a voltage appears on DTR and Winkey works
as a keyer.

I've tried a couple of different versions of SDX and enabled Winkey each
time using the command 'Winkey' but still no volts on DTR. I've even tried
another laptop. In desperation I applied power to Winkey externally and then
ran SDX. While Winkey is now powered all of the time it won't respond to any
of the function keys.

So any ideas what I am doing wrong as I can't see to find the answer from
either of the manuals.

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