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Re: [SD-User] Running SD/Win progs in full-screen mode

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] Running SD/Win progs in full-screen mode
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 19:52:22 +0100
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From: "Martin Davies G0HDB" <>

> I want to be able to run SD, SDI etc in full-screen mode so
> that they look like the old DOS versions

There's nothing in the code for SD and SDI that will prevent
you doing this, but there may be hardware/software issues
depending on your PC and its particular version of Windows.

Try these steps in sequence.

1.  In SD, use the BORDER command to set border to 0.
    The default is 1, whick looks better in a window.
    If you don't do this, Win98 is likely to give the
    "Program must be run in a window" message - later
    version of Windows will switch to full-screen, but
    you may lose the end of some lines (with a border of
    1, the line length is 82 characters rather than 80).

2.  You can then toggle between full-screen and window
    with Alt-Enter (hold down Alt and press Enter/Return)

With any luck, you should now have full-screen and SD will
look like it used to under DOS.  There may be a few

1.  The colours may look different - use the COLOUR command
    until you get a combination that looks OK.  The colours,
    and especially the background colour, will not be
    exactly the same as you would have seen in DOS.

2.  Your machine may seem to run slowly - this is more
    likely in full-screen mode (with its 25x80 character grid)
    than in a Window.

3.  The cursor may be less visible, or invisible.

4.  The program may run quite happily for a while, and then
    the PC will freeze.

You may be lucky, and not notice any of these side-effects.
I only mention them because I've seen them all at one time or

In general, I no longer try to run SD full-screen. I use the
Fonts option within Properties (after right-clicking the logo
at the top LHS of SD's window) to select the largest font,
and the corresponding window, that will fit on my screen.

Paul EI5DI

 but no matter what I try I can't set up the applications to
> run this way - they always run in a window that is less than full-screen
> when maximised.  Anyone got any suggestions on how to force full-screen
> mode?  The programs' properties don't give the usual set of tabs that you
> when you set up a DOS program - I can get the older, non-Windows versions
> to run full-screen without any difficulty!
> 73 es tnx in advance
> ---
> Martin, G0HDB
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