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Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 19:05:42 -0000
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> What I don't understand is how keying generated by SDwin
> for the contest exchanges reaches Winkey without being
> corrupted. 

The neat thing about WinKey is that it takes ordinary ASCII
characters (callsigns, exchange etc.) and converts them
into CW.  SD literally dumps the exchange, as ASCII text,
down the serial port to WinKey.  The characters go into
WinKey's buffer and each one is converted to CW and output
(by WinKey) at the speed (wpm) determined by its speed pot.

Another neat thing is that you can connect an external paddle
to WinKey itself.  Then you can interrupt (cancel) any WinKey
message from SD by touching a paddle, and continue sending
manually at the same speed.  SD is fully integrated with WinKey
and shows WinKey's internal speed (as determined by the position
of the speed pot) under the Callsign entry field.  SD supports
callsign type-ahead with WinKey - you can complete the callsign
after starting the exchange.

> I assume it cannot be from a COM/LPT port

WinKey works from any serial port, but not from a printer port.
Many modern laptops have no serial ports.  I use a microHAM
USB-RS232 converter to drive WinKey, from - 
The converter is screened and RF-proof, and it appears as COM5
on my laptop.

> .. there must be other interfaces which would equally handle
> this output?

I don't know of any.  N1MM's contest logger is another logger
that supports WinKey - the others are coming under increasing
pressure to "conform" because, regardless of what they may claim,
they can't guarantee smooth CW under Windows.

At 3B9C last March/April, we used WinKey for all 77,000+ CW QSOs
- driven by G3WGV's StarLog software.  There's more info about
WinKey at

Paul EI5DI
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