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[SD-User] V11.18 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V11.18 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 22:37:14 +0100
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V11.18          3rd April 2005

Voice Keyer.
    Support added for playback of .WAV sound files.
    They may be created with any Windows audio
    utility program, and should be named F1.WAV to

    Playback occurs only when your mode is SSB, and
    the options are similar to SD's CW keyer.  With
    Caps Lock ON, press F1 to play F1.WAV etc.  With
    Num Lock Off, you can use the numeric keypad to
    play messages.

    Suggested message contents, to correspond to SD's
    CW standards, are: 

      F1 - your CQ.
      F3 - Thanks + your call.

    When running, it's convenient to have F1 and F3
    play automatically.  Apostrophe toggles AutoSSB.
    You'll know it's On when "SSB", in the status
    line below the callsign field, is bright. In these
    circumstances Enter, with no callsign, plays F1.
    When you have typed the received exchange, Enter
    plays F3 and logs the QSO.

    If you try to play a non-existent or corrupt WAV
    file, you'll get a Windows beep (error).

    To stop playback, play an "empty" WAV file.  The
    file must exist, otherwise you'll hear a beep.

Two-Radio Support:
    Equals "=" sends your active rig's frequency to
    the other rig. 

YU DX Contest.
    SD updated for the 2005 scoring rules. However,
    YU prefix multipliers are not tracked.


SD is freeware from  Please keep a copy of
whatever version(s) you're using now - as insurance!

Paul EI5DI
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