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[SD-User] V11.20 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V11.20 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 02:53:28 +0100
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V11.20          8th April 2005

EU Sprint.
    Data entry simplified.  For stations not already
    worked, you can enter Serial and Name in a single
    field - followed by Enter to log the QSO.  For
    example 5FRED becomes 005 FRED - split between
    the Serial and Name fields.  If you prefer, you
    may enter them separately as before.

    If you've already worked the station on another
    band, the Name is auto-filled and the QSO is
    logged once you enter the Serial.

    If any station gives you a number instead of an
    alphabetic name, you must enter Serial and Name

    Reminder: If you LOAD an LST callsign database,
    SD auto-fills the Name field. This assumes that
    names follow callsigns in the .LST records. If
    the file name is incorrect, use Esc to clear it
    - or simply overtype with the correct name. 
    The Band Analysis has been updated to show the
    status for 20, 40 and 80m only - to remove

ARRL 10m Contest.
    SD Type 10, where mults count on both modes.
    Fixed display of multiplier totals by band/mode
    in the Score Window.

Lock-up at startup.
    Fixed a bug associated with the initial CW speed
    calibration. If it should happen, use the PTTOFF
    command, then re-start SD.

SD is freeware from  Please keep a copy of
whatever version(s) you're using now - as insurance!

Any bugs, please email details to sd-user'at'

Paul EI5DI
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