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[SD-User] Rate window

To: <>
Subject: [SD-User] Rate window
From: "iz2eju" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 12:24:57 +0200
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Hello ! Some other infos about the rate window.
It seems that "last 10" count is OK, while "last nnn" and "overall" give 
numbers that I cannot
explain, for example, last 10 = 0.2, last 18 = 999.9, overall=  999.9.
Anyway, counter seems to be OK, in fact, numbers go down with time.
What is happening ? International settings ? 
With my rates, it is not important, I usually do 1 QSO per hour HI ! but I 
would like to
understand where the problem is !
Thank you for any help !
73 from Rik IZ2EJU
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