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[SD-User] V13.01 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V13.01 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 11:18:00 +0100
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V13.01        30 April 2006

SD - Updated QSO Record Format:
    SD's .ALL file record length has been extended
    to allow more flexibility with exchanges and to
    remove the previous limit on area multipliers.
    This will enable SD to support more contests,
    including ARRL SS and Field Day.

    The QSO record length is now 66 characters - it
    was 56.  SD V13 and later will not support the
    older files.  However, SDCHECK V13 supports
    both the old and new formats, so you can still
    generate Cabrillo and ADIF logs from any .ALL
    file.  As such, I'm not planning to offer a
    conversion program for the old .ALL files.

    If you think you might like to use SD on your
    older 56-character files, it's probably best
    to rename SD V12 as SDOLD.EXE, before you
    download V13.  You can always get V12 from the
    vaults at

    Files generated by SDC, SDI, SDU, SDV and SDX
    are unchanged.  With the exception of SDV, the
    record length remains at 56 characters.

SD and other HF Loggers - Callsign Display:
    The callsign you're using is shown on the
    Date/Time line. It's useful as a reminder when
    it's not your normal call.

7QP - 7th Call Area QSO Party:
    Templates and multiplier files added for both
    sides of this event.

    Prefix mults were counted on each band. Fixed.

IARU HF Championship.
    HQ field extended to 5 characters.

RSGB Clubs Championship:
    When a log was re-started with SD, an extra
    bonus point was shown in the Summary Score
    window.  Fixed - thanks G3VQO.

Contests with Country & Area Mults - old Type 10.
    Broken code stopped non-area QSOs logging.

EU Sprint - CW.
    Leading zeros are now included/excluded from
    the keyer Serial according to your preferences
    set with the CWZERO command.

    Fixed area code validation in contests with
    area code multipliers.

    Increased the prefix limit for DXCC.CTY - for
    contests with country multipliers.


SD is free from

If you find any new bugs, please send details to  Keep an older version of any
program you download - as insurance.  Some older
versions are available from

Paul EI5DI

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