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[SD-User] Rig polling and winkey conflicts?

Subject: [SD-User] Rig polling and winkey conflicts?
From: "Craig Cook" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:28:38 -0700
List-post: <>
A new user here, wanting to try SD in the 7QP next weekend. One little thing
that is bothering me, and may be by design.

Whenever the radio is polling, an "ESC" will not stop an accidental CW CQ
from going out in it's entirety. This may be a problem if you hear a station
calling right as you hit enter in ESM mode.

Not sure why you would want to poll the rig while CQing with the call field
blank, but maybe that is the part I don't understand.

All different Winkey settings and settings of polltime and linktime have
been tried. Sometimes I think I have found it, as it stops for a while, but
issue always returns.

If I hit "ENTER-ESC" then it will ALWAYS stop the message. As if "ENTER"
stops the rig polling long enough to regain control.

Very inconsistent and unstable. Can't always 100% reproduce.

I hope this just isn't me, with my particular setup, experiencing this.

73, Craig Cook - N7OR in Sandy, OR
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