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[SD-User] FT2000 and serial communication

Subject: [SD-User] FT2000 and serial communication
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 04:09:13 EST
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I now use a FT2000, in stead of the FT1000MP MK V, with the SD and SDX 
programs. This transceiver has all HF bands and 50 MHz.

The serial channel is USB via COM4 and a USB -> 9 pin serial connector.

I have used the FTDX9000.SD as interface. I did not find a FT2000.SD 
Will that come? 

A. My results:
1. Frequency display is ok on 6m .... 160m.
2. Band indicator (in upper screen with all QSO's) is ok.
3. Band indicator (in edit line, where you enter a new QSO) does not show 6m, 
other bands are ok.

The mode below the edit line will show CW or SSB. Other modes (e.g. AM or FM) 
are not shown.

To get the communication running I had to set the RTS in the FT2000 to OFF 
via Menu: 029 CAT RTS.

B. I have and had an other problem with the communication.
As far as I can remember the same problem also happened in the past with a 
normal COM1 (9 pin) serial channel on my old PC and the FT1000 transciever.
It sometimes (not often) happens that the frequency display in the 
SD-programs stops. It looks like a termination of the interrogation of the 
Entering LINK one or more times does not start the interrogation again. Only a 
full restart of the SD program restarts the communication.
With the FT2000 I have the same problem. But when I stop the read out of the 
FT2000 with the RTS = ON in the FT2000 and change it in RTS = OFF a while 
later, the read out and the interrogation contiuous normally.

It seems that there are two ways to stop the read-out by the SD program. One 
normal stop and one unxecpected stop e.g. due to a wrong answer of the 
transceiver. In that case the SD program does not automatical do a retry after 
initialisation of the serial channel. It seems that a part of the program comes 
in a dead loop.

I hope this information can be helpfull in upgrading the programs. I still 
use them for all contests and as a normal logbook for the other QSO's.

Jan Hoek, PA0JNH

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