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Re: [SD-User] CQ160 Cabrillo

Subject: Re: [SD-User] CQ160 Cabrillo
From: "Dave Sergeant" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 10:17:49 -0000
List-post: <>
On 29 Jan 2007 at 10:10, Paul O'Kane wrote:

> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Dave Sergeant" <>
> > I used v13.09 in CQ160 this weekend. When I submitted my
> > log it was returned as my exchange (G) was not in the
> > Cabrillo log.
> In SD's opening screen, underneath the 4th address line, 
> the field State/Country needs your country prefix (G).
> That serves also to update SD's F2 exchange message.
> There's a bit of redundancy, because SDCHECK insists on
> the "Fixed Exchange" field being completed - and I assume
> you entered "G" there.
> I'll tidy this up.  In the meantime, adding G in SD's
> opening screen should solve the problem.

Thanks Paul. I had indeed omitted to set G in the State/Country field 
on the opening screen - possibly because I set it up at 5am, the 
program didn't prompt me to put it in, and it is not obvious just 
looking at it that anything was required there. And although I did 
put G when prompted in SDCheck it clearly is not carried through to 
the Cabrillo for some reason.

Anyway, I edited in the G in the Cabrillo manually (didn't take long 
with my 90 QSOs...), resubmitted, and it was accepted. Will try and 
remember for next year!

73 Dave G3YMC

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