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[SD-User] V13.26 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V13.26 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 21:55:16 +0100
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V13.26          7th August 2007

RDA (Russian District Award) Contest:
    Added templates and code to give full support
    for the DX side of this event.  The Russian
    side is supported too, but country mults are
    each counted once only.

    RDA.MLT is the new multiplier reference file
    containing several hundred of the more common
    district codes.  Other district codes are
    added automatically to RDA.MLT as they are
    logged - with full multiplier tracking.

    (It occurs to me that those codes are not
    all needed - now that SD can add new ones

    RDA.LST is a callsign reference file with
    some 17000 Russian callsigns extracted from
    previous RDA logs, and is loaded at startup.
    SD then auto-fills the 4-character district
    code on a callsign match.

    A state could not be entered in the absence
    of a callsign.  Fixed.

    Fixed potential errors when editing states
    on previously logged QSOs.

      Fixed Cabrillo log - to include operator
      name and state/province/country.

      Added name and state to ADIF export.

All Programs.
    With BORDER set to 0, the screen display was
    corrupted following any error message - for
    example, a callsign with no numeric digit.

    SD and SDCHECK: Commas are now accepted in
    Address and Soapbox fields.    

IARU HF Championship.
    Broken code in V13.25 caused delays and the
    display of diagnostic messages.  Fixed. 

SDI IOTA Contest:
    Fixed island reference errors in SDIOTA.CTY.
    Thanks 9M6DXX.

SD.PDF - Manual.
    Updated the PORTS command section - CW and
    Rig Control.  The latest manual is included
    in all SD setup programs - there's no need
    to download it separately.

.CTY Country Multiplier Files.
    Updated as per CTY.DAT - released by AD1C
    on 3rd August.

SD is free from

If you find any new bugs, please send details to  Keep an older version of
any program you download as insurance.

Some older versions are available from

Paul EI5DI
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