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[SD-User] SDX 14.08 Editing Previous QSO, possible bug?

To: sduser <>
Subject: [SD-User] SDX 14.08 Editing Previous QSO, possible bug?
From: "Ian Greenshields" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 12:36:34 +0100
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Hello Paul / all,

Is it just me, or has a bug crept into SDX when editing previous QSOs?

It appears when editing a previously logged QSO e.g. correcting a call
sign or adding a comment in the notes field. The edit appears to have
been accepted until closing SDX down and then restarting it, whereupon
the edited information has disappeared and only the information
entered at the time of logging is present.

I seem to remember a post related to something like this in SDI, is
this the same issue?

I first noticed this running SDX under Linux / Wine & thought I had a
file permissions problem but I've since replicated the problem under
Win XP and Win 95 so am beginning to think it may be a bug.

Many thanks & 73,
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